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Virtue quotes (41)

It takes a wise man to recognize a wise man.
Xenophanes   Category: Virtue

One ought to seek out virtue for its own sake without being influenced by fear or hope or by any external influence. Moreover that in that does happiness consist.
Diogenes Laertius   Category: Virtue

All virtue lies in individual action in inward energy in self determination. There is no moral worth in being swept away by a crowd even toward the best objective.
William Ellery Channing   Category: Virtue

So our virtues Lie in the interpretation of the time:
William Shakespeare   Category: Virtue

When men grow virtuous in their old age they only make a sacrifice to God of the devil's leavings.
Alexander Pope   Category: Virtue

Virtue dear friend needs no defense The surest guard is innocence: None knew till guilt created fear What darts or poisoned arrows were.
Quintus Horatius Flaccus Horace   Category: Virtue

The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure theyre going to have some pretty annoying virtues.
Elizabeth Taylor   Category: Virtue

The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your god.
Scott Alexander   Category: Virtue

There is however a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue.
Edmund Burke   Category: Virtue

Virtue does not come from wealth but ... wealth and every other good thing which men have ... comes from virtue.
Socrates   Category: Virtue

Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald   Category: Virtue

Certainly virtue is like precious odors most fragrant when they are incensed or crushed for prosperity doth best discover vice But adversity doth best discover virtue.
Francis Bacon   Category: Virtue

Our virtues are dearer to us the more we have had to suffer for them. It is the same with our children. All profound affection entertains a sacrifice. Our thoughts are often worse than we are just as they are often better.
George Eliot   Category: Virtue

Virtue is its own punishment.
Unknown   Category: Virtue

Virtue is a state of war and to live in it we have always to combat with ourselves.
Jean Jacques Rousseau   Category: Virtue

Search others for their virtues and thyself for thy vices.
Thomas Fuller   Category: Virtue

Virtue has need of limits.
Charles-Louis de Secondat Baron de Montesquieu   Category: Virtue

Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask but when we are challenged to be what we can be.
Morris Alder   Category: Virtue

When we are planning for posterity we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.
Thomas Paine   Category: Virtue

Virtue by calculation is the virtue of vice.
Joseph Joubert   Category: Virtue

Virtue can have naught to do with ease.... It craves a steep and thorny path.
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne   Category: Virtue

Happy man happy dole.
John Heywood   Category: Virtue

And virtue though in rags will keep me warm.
John Dryden   Category: Virtue

Consider your origins: you were not made that you might live as brutes but so as to follow virtue and knowledge.
Dante Alighieri   Category: Virtue

Womens virtue is mans greatest invention.
Cornelia Otis Skinner   Category: Virtue

One should seek virtue for its own sake and not from hope or fear or any external motive. It is in virtue that happiness consists for virtue is the state of mind which tends to make the whole of life harmonious.
Zeno   Category: Virtue

A man should be upright not be kept upright.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus   Category: Virtue

VIRTUES Certain abstentions.
Ambrose Gwinett Bierce   Category: Virtue

No virtue is safe that is not enthusiastic.
Sir John Robert Seeley   Category: Virtue

Recommend to your children virtue; that alone can make them happy not gold.
Ludwig van Beethoven   Category: Virtue

Recommend to your children virtue; that alone can make happy not gold.
Beethoven   Category: Virtue

The power of mans virtue should not be measured by his special efforts but by his ordinary doings.
Blaise Pascal   Category: Virtue

I had not thought death had undone so many. Sighs short and infrequent were exhaled.
Thomas Stearns Eliot   Category: Virtue

He who sows virtue reaps fame.
Proverb   Category: Virtue

Search others for virtues thyself for thy vices.
Benjamin Franklin   Category: Virtue

It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.
Diogenes the Cynic   Category: Virtue

I think I could be a good woman if I had five thousand a year.
William Makepeace Thackeray   Category: Virtue

All virtue is summed up in dealing justly.
Aristotle   Category: Virtue

The only reward of virtue is virtue.
Ralph Waldo Emerson   Category: Virtue

Daughter to that good Earl once President Of Englands Council and her Treasury Who lived in both unstained with gold or fee And left them both more in himself content Till sad the breaking of that Parliament Broke him as that dishonest victory At Chaeronea fatal to liberty Killed with report that old man eloquent. Though later born than to have known the days Wherein your father flourished yet by you Madam methinks I see him living yet; So well your words his noble virtues praise That all both judge you to relate them true And to possess them honoured Margaret.
John Milton   Category: Virtue

Be not simply good; be good for something.
Henry David Thoreau   Category: Virtue